Mortgage Brokers

Is it time for your Mortgage Health Check?

If you are buying a home or investment property, your choice of home loan can have an enormous impact on your long-tern net wealth. You should regularly review your mortgage to see if it still suits your needs, but until you review your loan you run the risk of paying more than you should. Hern & Associates work with several experienced Mortgage Brokers who can find the right product suitable for your needs.

An interview about reviewing your loan includes:

  • Refinancing at a lower rate
  • Changing your repayment structure
  • Considering fixed variable interest, or a split loan to take advantage of both options

The loan you started with might be the best loan for you now.

Consultation with a Mortgage Broker is free of charge. They are not affiliated with any major banks and their recommendations are based on the most appropriate product for each individual.

As your accountants, we are able to work closely with the brokers to supply financial statements and appropriate taxation advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in a mortgage health check, please click here to complete the form and send it to or post to Hern & Associates, PO Box 397, Walkerville SA 5081